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Maybe this time when I read Order of the Phoenix Sirius won’t die

He died.

I read somewhere that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

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Ok so like I really like your blog but I'm not huge on clothes is that something I need to be too terribly worried about or..?


omg no haha that just happened to be what was on my dash tonight and i thought all those dresses were super cute. my dash is usually a decent mix of things (which makes my blog usually a decent mix of things) but i had one friend who i guess was the only one posting for a while and she must have been going through the fashion tags because all of a sudden my dash was full of dresses.

anyway i really only reblog what comes across my dash that i enjoy so while the possibility of seeing a spam-session of clothing posts in the is a possibility it’s not likely something that’s gonna be a regular thing

this is (mostly) a fandom blog afterall

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eating something and then realizing its expired


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